about walking and painting

Stepping connects feet, stone, ocean and sky. Feet on stone measure the dimensions of memories. The step is always in a space next to the sky. In the boisterous sky after rain so many rainbows sink into the stone as they race onto the shore. Grey, the most elusive and powerful color, directs the Gulf Stream that weaves a path of light blue green into the ferocious water around the Aran Islands. The ocean is power and restless change--no stasis, no negotiating--just like drawing a line. You only get to do it once.

Walking into painting is a natural progression from seeing to painting from memory. Images, resonant with emotion, are shaped by a combination of memory and the tactile reality of painting. The abstraction in these images of stone, sky and sea is an inevitable result of the experience.

Although this process became central to the body of work from Ireland, it is also a part of all of my painting adventures.  I walk to most of these places, and the visits become a part of the work through memory and the physical act of painting.